Searching out Morro Rock

I always encourage my clients to consider traveling to epic locations for their sessions. It really does make a difference in the end result of their photos. When Francine said she wanted a beach session, I was over the moon with excitement! The night before their session my husband and I packed up and headed up to our hotel in Morro bay. Saturday morning (the day of the session) we headed over to Morro Rock to scope out the perfect location for the shoot and waited for our clients to arrive.

Francine and Martins love story

Francine and Martin met over 10 years ago while working together. She feels that they are doing things a bit backwards according to society, but I believe every love story has its place. They have two beautiful girls together and are planning to grow their family even more! Martin proposed on her birthday, which is the best birthday present a girl could ask for, hands down. She expected a nice, romantic present, but not a proposal! She was totally overjoyed when she turned around to him on one knee.

During the session

Meeting Francine and Martin was an absolute joy. They were relaxed and carefree during the entire session, which is what I want because my goal as a photographer is to capture genuine, candid moments. They giggled and loved on each other with ease- it was super enjoyable for everyone involved. The vibes of the session were chill, relaxed and authentic. You can't fake true love.