Gabby & Justen


Before we knew it the morning of the trip had arrived. We had everything packed & ready to go the night before so we could get up shower, eat & head to the airport. As far as our flight went everything was smooth & luckily on time. The flight to Vegas from FAS is only about an hour, and usually fairly inexpensive.

Once we landed we called and Uber and headed to our hotel to check in. The hotel let us early check in for a small fee, so that was helpful. Once we settled into our hotel we decided we should go get some fuel for before the renewal. Dinner was great! We were happy, full and super excited to get over to the "little white chapel" so we could scout locations around the area.

Their love story

Gabby & Justen have been married for five wonderful years. They have two beautiful children together & they are the grooviest couple!

They didn't have a photographer for their first elopement, so they decided that this time around they wanted to go all out! They wanted to renew their vows to each other for their five year anniversary & this time around they wanted amazing photos of all the memories!

During the session

Once Gabby & Justen arrived we were anxious to get started. They of course showed up dressed to impress as always! Their vibe was vintage, yet timeless. Their ceremony took place in a pink caddy. It was a dream! After the ceremony we got some detail shots of gabby & Justen alone and together. We also started to get some amazing couple shots of them. We stayed around the chapel for a bit & then traveled down the street to get a more urban vibe. After spending about an hour shooting the ceremony & traveling around the block the most exciting thing happened! Elvis picked us up in another pink caddy! He drove us around while playing some of his best hits! I got some amazing shots of Gabby & Justen in the backseat while we drove from cool location to even cooler location.

After Elvis dropped us back off at the chapel we hopped in Gabby & Justens car and drove to the coolest spots to get night-time flash shots. I love playing with my on camera flash at night with my couples. Depending on how I want to shoot & even angle my flash I can add to the already present vintage vibes. By the end of the couples session I felt so excited to get back to the hotel & edit the photos. I am so glad that Gabby & Justen continue to book me for all of their most precious life milestones! I am here for it always!

Engagement at Morro rock